Bike Rental Services

Office Bearer: Secretary

Bike Share Form: *New Curtin-Bike-Share-2022 



1) A deposit of RM100 will be collected per bicycle.

2) Form must be submitted at least two working days before collection date to

3) A message will be sent to the rentee to schedule return.

4) Deposit receipt must be shown upon returning the bike to claim deposit.


Rental Rates

Daily (24 hours): RM5
Weekly (7 days): RM25
Monthly (31 days): RM80
Deposit: RM100


Frequently Asked Questions

1) What happens if I return the bicycle late?

You will be charged RM10 for every day that you use the bicycle irrespective or whether it is 1 hour of 23 hour into the extra day.

2) What happens if I damaged or lost the bicycle?
Please contact us as soon as possible. You will be charged in accordance to the repair costs or the actual price of the bicycle (if lost!).

3) How do I lose my deposit?

You have no right to get the full refund of the deposit if the bike and/ or helmet are found to be faulty during the inspection when being returned.