Bike Share Service

Office Bearer: Vice Secretary

Bike Share Form: *New Curtin Bike Share 2020



1) Fill up the Bike Share Form.

2) Proceed to payment with your Student/Staff ID presented at Student Council office.

3) Collect your bicycle and key.

4) Return bicycle and collect back deposit.


Rental Rates

Return within same day:  RM2

Daily (24 hours): RM5

Weekly (7 days): RM25

Deposit: RM20 (irrespective of time)


Frequently Asked Questions

1) What happens if I return the bicycle late?

You will be charged RM5 for every day that you use the bicycle irrespective of whether it is 1 hour of 23 hour into the extra day.

2) What happens if I damaged or lost the bicycle?
Please contact us as soon as possible. You will be charged in accordance to the repair costs or the actual price of the bicycle (if lost!).

3) How do I lost my deposit?

You can only rent the bicycle for the duration agreed and an extra 3 days penalty period (RM5/day). If you exceed the penalty period, you will lose your deposit and we will request the immediate return of the bicycles as well as additional charges for the extra days rented.

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