Locker Rental Form

Office Bearer: Welfare Sub Council

Event Proposal Template: *New Locker-Rental-Form-2022


  1. Complete all sections of this form (specify by ticking either new locker renting or locker renewal)
  2. Check and select the desired locker type and renting period
  3. Sign the locker agreement section
  4. Lockers application / reservation are of first come first serve basis

New Locker Renting Procedure:

  1. Applicants will be notified immediately when the desired locker slots become available for renting.
  2. Applicants will be given 2 weeks to accept or deny the allocated locker. Fail to contact or reply within period of 2 weeks upon receiving acceptance email will result in disqualification of application of locker renting.
  3. Full payment is expected to be made upon acceptance of the locker renting agreement
  4. A deposit of RM5.00 must be paid and only applied for applicants whom applied for semester renting.
  5. Deposit of RM10.00 will be return at the end of the semester.
  6. Upon receiving deposit and application forms, locker key will be distributed to the applicants.

Locker Renewal Procedure:

  1. Tick on the LOCKER RENEWAL box on LOCKER and RENTAL PREFERENCE section.
  2. Complete all sections of this form by specifying the desired locker renting period and signing of locker agreement section.
  3. Return the completed form to Student Council Office, ensure that it is attended by Student Council members. Receipt will be issued upon receiving full payment and email of confirmation and verification of locker renewal will be sent to the stated email address. Should you accept the offer by replying the acceptance email or please notify the Student Council members with regards of any issues that lead to decline of offer. Further arrangement will be made on a case by case basis.