Event Promotional Media

Office Bearer: IT and Media Sub Council


Standard Operating Procedure for posters, banners etc.:

1) Please include the Student Council logo below in all promotional media.

2) For BANNERS only, bring the banner to the Student Council office for approval. Once approved, bring the banner to Campus Service Department (GP1) along with your own STRINGS for campus service to tie your banner at desired location.


Standard Operating Procedure for Notice board:

1) Bring desired poster to Student Council office with the desired quantity 1 week prior to your event.

2) The officer in charge will post the poster at the Student Council Notice Board across campus within 3 days.

3) The postings will be done every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


Standard Operating Procedure for using Curtin Malaysia logo:

1) Note that this only applies if there is usage of the Curtin Malaysia logo.

2) Detailed procedure of position has been explained thoroughly on this slide right here. An array of Curtin Malaysia logo template is provided on this link.  It is highly advisable to go through these files before submission.

3) After designing, please send a soft copy 1 week prior to your event to (it.sc@student.curtin.edu.my) for further verification with the Corporate Communication Department.


Standard Operating Procedure for TV advertisement:
Poster Video
Location Borneo Pavilion Cafeteria
Format JPG .mp4
Dimensions Not exceeding 720 px horizontal
Orientation No specific orientation
Resolution Standard value (72 ppi or 330 ppi)
Allowed Duration of Material Not longer than 3 minutes
Advertisement Duration 2 weeks 2 weeks
Submission Saturday, 11:59 PM Saturday, 11:59 PM

1) The promotional materials need to be submitted to sc@curtin.edu.my for our official record. For any inquiries, you may contact Louise Gan (+6012 423 1617).


Standard Operating Procedure for MyCurtin App:

1) Student Council is in charge with updating the Campus News section inside the MyCurtin app.

2) Student clubs and organizations can utilise this app to advertise their events, activities, recruitment drive, and anything related to student activity.

3) Kindly submit your request through the Google form link provided below:

4) You are required to provide details below to use MyCurtin App news update.

  1. Name of events and the clubs organizing.
  2. Poster or image for the event promotion. Image MUST be in horizontal orientation, and resized to fit 720 px wide. Both JPG and PNG format is accepted for the poster.

*Please be reminded that your poster might not be viewed properly if the size requirement is not met.

  1. A short description of the event with important details. The description should not exceed more than 60 words.
  2. A link to an external website for registration such as Wix, Weebly or Blogspot.

5) Only poster in JPG and PNG format can be viewed from the app. If you have a promotional video for the event that you plan to advertise, you can upload the video to YouTube, and provide us with the link so we can include it along in the post.

6) The app will be update 1 time on Monday only. Kindly contact us directly for any request for news update outside of these days. This will only apply on a case-to-case basis depending on the urgency/needs.

7) For any request to be included in the app, kindly send all the details mentioned in (3) to sc@curtin.edu.my, and we will post the news on the next update time.

8) For any enquiries, you can reach us through sc@curtin.edu.my, OR through FB: Curtin Malaysia Student Council, OR through Louise Gan (+60 12 423 1617).

9) Student Council has all rights to reject your post if the content is inappropriate and does not fulfill above stated requirements.

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