Student Council

Organisation Chart 2024


Presidential Division

The presidential division oversees the whole operation of the Student Council. We ensure that all events and projects are executed to the best of our ability. We serve the Curtin Community through investigating complaints as well as working closely with each sub-council to ensure the needs of students and clubs are met.

Secretarial Division

The secretarial division manages the internal paperwork ranging from documentation of forms to publication of reports. We also handle the housekeeping of the office to ensure everything is in order.

Treasury Division

The main responsibility of the treasury department is to monitor and ensure the current and projected cash inflows and outflows is sufficient to fund the proposed activities, club operations as well as to ensure that excess cash is properly invested.

International Sub-Council

The aims of the International sub-council are to provide International students with the opportunity to experience and appreciate different cultures and to cater to their welfare needs. We work in conjunction with the International Division (Office of Student Affairs) to provide you with a variety of services to make your life at Curtin as an international student as smooth as possible. We are also a part of the International Students Association, where we organize various events and programs on campus for your entertainment.

Academics Sub-Council

We as a coordinating academic sub-council committees communicate consistently with Curtin faculty, teaching staffs and students to provide the best communication outcome. We are the bridge that unites Curtin management and students as one whilst actively encouraging academic integrity. Our main goal is to enhance academic integrity awareness among students and act as a voice for students

Welfare Sub-Council

Safety, comfort and ease of all Curtin Students are our main priorities. Aid in the booking of venues, rooms and buses, but as a focal point of contact. By all means, relay your concerns to us, or even just say ‘hi’ we’ll be happy to assist you whichever way.

Activities Sub-Council

Curtin University is filled with a wide variety of clubs, each catering to the interests and needs of students. Through these clubs, students are able to interact with one another and further diversify their interests. As the activities sub-council, we aim to provide guidance and assistance to both clubs and students to enrich your experience here in Curtin.

IT & Media Sub-Council

Design, IT & Media division manages all Curtin Malaysia Student Council’s social media platforms such as the council’s website, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram accounts to keep you up to date with the latest news and events happening in campus. We provide good design services for students, encourage student engagement and sustain audience experience from time to time. Keep yourself tuned!