Important Notice: The checking of qualification of a candidate will be done after the conclusion of the nomination period and before the start of polling period. Therefore, groups who wish to run together shall ensure that all group members have met the qualifications as stated below. There shall be no replacement of group member in an event where one or more group member is disqualified from the Election after the nomination period has ended.


Attached are two forms: individual registration form and group registration form. In any case, all candidates MUST fill in the individual registration form. If candidates wish to be grouped together, fill in the group registration form and submit it along with all individual registration forms. More information will be provided in the forms.

Individual Form 2021

All candidates who wish to participate in the Election must meet the following qualifications:

  1. Candidates shall be financial Convocation members and enrolled students of the University for the next one year prior to the opening of nominations.
  2. Candidates shall be in good academic standing prior to the opening of nominations.
  3. Candidates shall be free of any misconduct within and outside the University prior to the opening of nominations.
  4. Candidates shall not have any fees outstanding prior to the opening of nominations.
  5. Candidates running for any position must be in degree status.


A person shall be disqualified from candidature if he or she is:

  1. a member of the Election Tribunal;
  2. a Convocation member with suspended rights and privileges at the close of nomination;
  3. convicted of a crime and sentenced to a term in prison;
  4. ineligible to hold a position due to any stature, regulation, by-law or rule;
  5. an unfinancial Convocation Member at the close of rolls;
  6. an undischarged bankrupt or has affairs under liquidation by arrangement with creditors;
  7. certified as needing treatment in an approved psychological hospital; and
  8. a Staff Member of the Convocation of the University.



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