Office Bearer: Activities Sub Council

Event Proposal Template: Event Proposal 2024



1) Fill in the Event Proposal Template.

2) Submit and email one (1) soft copy to activities.sc@curtin.edu.my  and cc to welfare.sc@curtin.edu.my  two weeks prior to the proposed date of event.

3) Response will be sent to you within 1 week.


Terms and Conditions:

1) The event must be planned for at least 30 participants.

2) Any form of promotional media for the club’s event must include the official Student Council Logo. Promotional media without the logo will be taken down without further notice. Please download the logo below.

Office Bearer: IT and Media Sub Council

Student Council logo official logo below : 

Standard Operating Procedure for banners, buntings etc.:

1) For banners & buntings, bring the material to the Student Council office for approval. Please bring along with your own STRINGS for campus service to tie your material at allocated location.

Banner size : 8ft (width) x 3ft (height)

Bunting size : 2ft (width) x 6ft (height)

Size other that stated above will be rejected.


Standard Operating Procedure for Notice board:

1) Bring desired poster to Student Council office with the desired quantity 1 week prior to your event.

2) IT/Media Student Council needed to approve the poster first before you can put at the notice board.

3) Make sure to take down your poster 2 days after your event.


Standard Operating Procedure for using Curtin Malaysia logo:

1) Note that this only applies if there is usage of the Curtin Malaysia logo.

2) After designing, please send a soft copy 1 week prior to your event to (it.sc@curtin.edu.my) for further verification with the Corporate Affairs.


1) The promotional materials need to be submitted to it.sc@curtin.edu.my for our official record. For any inquiries, you may contact Carol Elma (+6019-8814053) 


Office Bearer: Treasurer Division and Activities Sub Council

Post Event Report Template: *New Post-Event-Report-2024



1) Submit one (1) soft copy to the activities sub-council (activities.sc@curtin.edu.my), treasurer (treasurer.sc@curtin.edu.my) and carbon copy it to the vice president (vicepresident.sc@curtin.edu.my) five days to a week after the event.