Voting shall be conducted in the manner:

  1. Voting shall be voluntary.
  2. Each voter may only vote once in respect to each position for which he or she is entitled to vote.
  3. Electors must vote personally. There shall be no right of proxy.
  4. A person’s right to vote at an election for which the person is enrolled is not affected by any change in the person’s name or by any change in residence if the person continues to be eligible to be enrolled for the election.


To be eligible to vote in the Annual General Election, a person must be an enrolled student of Curtin University Malaysia at the close of rolls. The Electoral Roll is attached below. The Electoral Roll contains the names of persons who are registered to vote in the Election.

Electoral Roll 2021 (no doc yet, before 2022 election, we will gather the enrolled student’s names)

If your name is not found in the Electoral Roll above, please email to the Student Council President ( and cc to Student Council Vice President email ( BEFORE the close of nominations (6th October 2021). Any late notification (after nomination closes) shall not be entertained and such person shall forfeit their right to vote in the Election.

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