Booth Booking

Office Bearer: Welfare Sub Council

Booth Booking Form:  Booth Booking Form 2020

Terms and Conditions
  1. Submission of the form must be made within 3-5 working days prior to the proposed date and time.
  2. ALL bookings are subject to change based on the proposed venue and time availability.
  3. ANY late bookings of 1-2 days will be rejected on the spot.
  4. Bookings are to be approved by Welfare Sub council of Student Council 2019 and can be terminated without prior notice.
  5. The use of bricks will deem the user and the club a booth booking restriction one month or under the decision of Welfare Sub council 2018. Further non-compliance will result in the club’s any three (3) room or venue bookings will be treated as ‘unable to be processed’ or in layman’s terms- rejected automatically.
  6. Any unauthorized use of tables (such as the use of tables without booking first) reserves the right to be terminated from further use of the reserved tables under the inspection of Welfare Sub council 2019.
  7. Notification of submission of forms only softcopy is to be made to Dyanti Azira under Welfare Subdivision of Student Council 2019 (contact details as provided)
  8. Approvals will be made within 48 hours via chosen mode of communication (Whatsapp /Text message/ Student webmail)
  9. For booth booking, the completed form should be sent to and the approval will be sent through e-mail.