Bus Booking

Office Bearer: Welfare Sub Council

Bus Booking Form: Bus-Booking-Form-2021-1

Up to date Shuttle Service: http://www1.curtin.edu.my/future/curtin_shuttle.htm



1. Please fill in the Bus Booking Form. The form can be collected at the following
A. Student Council office.
B. Download the form from Student Council Webpage at studentcouncil.edu.my
2. Submit 1 HARD COPY and 1 SOFT COPY of the completed Bus Booking Form to
Student Council office.
3. Please contact Malika Othman of Welfare Subcouncil upon submission of forms via
text message or Whatsapp at +6737154352
4. Student Council will respond to the request within 5 working days upon
submission unless notified for any extension period of time.
5. RM50 deposit will be collected for each bus booking, the deposit will be forfeited if
one of the circumstance below happens
• 10 or less than 10 students on small bus
• 20 or less than 20 students on regular bus
• Bus Booking cancellation within 48 hours before proposed time.


Terms and Conditions

1. All bookings must be made 7 WORKING DAYS before proposed date and are
subject to availability of transport requirement.
2. Only certified convocation members are allowed to make the bus booking.
3. All late bookings are subjected to be rejected on the spot.
4. Approval will be according to the deliberation of the Student Council and may be
terminated without prior notice.
5. Curtin University reserves the right to override student bus booking without prior
6. Approval of bookings will be made via student email within 5 days
unless notified for any extended period of time.

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