Student Learning Commons Officially Opens!

Student Learning Commons Ready for Use!

In recent years, the demand for extra study spaces by students at the Curtin Malaysia campus has increased tremendously. For this reason alone, Student Council has made it a goal this year to increase the number of study spaces available on campus.  With that, it is our pleasure to announce that the Student Learning Commons is now ready for use!

Pro Vice-Chancellor of Curtin Malaysia, Professor Jim Mienczakowski officially launched the Student Learning Commons on 15th August 2017. Also in attendance were prominent figures from the university including Deputy Pro-Vice Chancellor, Professor Beena; Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Kingsley; Dean of Faculty of Engineering and Science, Professor Ir. Dr. Lau; Acting Dean of Faculty of Business, Associate Professor Pauline Ho and the Student Council President, Mr. Johnny Wong.

More Study Spaces!

The Student Learning Commons comes equipped with newly added carpets and over two hundred seats distributed around the area. Furthermore, there are other facilities available which are private discussion rooms, a designated pantry for students to take a break and even a meeting room ready to use for Student Club meetings. Also in the near future, more facilities and furniture are slated to be brought to improve the quality of learning of Curtin students (vending machine, electrical appliances, tables etc.).

One of the study rooms available

In conclusion, Student Council would like to take this opportunity to thank the collective effort of the Library and other Departments on campus who have made this possible. We hope that the new study space will serve all students of Curtin Malaysia well. At the same time, we would like to remind all students to keep the new study area clean.

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