New Student Council Website

It has been a long time coming but we are extremely proud to launch our new website! Part of the current Student Council manifesto (2016 Elections) was to enhance the standard operating procedure especially the Student Council Website. The issue with the original website lies with the transfer of ownership from one Council to the next but this is no longer the case as we are now officially parked under the Curtin website!

New features

With the new website, students are able to access information much more easily especially on the latest News and Events that are happening on campus. Students can also check out the list of clubs available on campus to hop into. At the same time, club committees can find an array of forms and services presented in a neat and tidy format with clear cut instructions. Gone are the days of minimal and confusing information.


As mentioned previously, the main benefit of the new website is to ease the transfer of duties from one Council to another. Other than that, the benefits of the new website include:

i) User friendly interface that allow all students to find the required information without the frustration of previous websites.

ii) Greater identity and a sense of trust from the community towards the Student Council website with the domain name change.

iii) Reduction of operational cost in purchase of domain name.

More Features Incoming

There are more features incoming to the website including the ability to submit forms online. In the near future, you will no longer need to go through the hassle of submitting physical forms to the Student Council office! Awesome!

Thank you for the wait!

All in all, we thank the Curtin students for their patience and continuous support. We hope you enjoy using the new website as much as we do. For comments or improvements, leave them at Support!



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