Visit from SRC 16/17 UiTM Perlis to Curtin Malaysia

On 19th October 2017, twelve student leaders from MARA University of Technology, Perlis visited Curtin University Malaysia. The main objective of the visit was to discuss challenges in being a student leader.  In addition to that, another objective was to forge a new relationship between both universities. Correspondingly, representatives from Student Council, Curtin Volunteers, Model United Nations, and Humanitarian Affairs attended the sharing session. Two University Life officers were also present to provide senior knowledge and support to the session.

Ideas far and wide

The sharing session concluded in a positive light with both parties agreeing ideas brought forward could be applied to both universities. For instance, the Student Representative Council from UiTM Perlis encouraged our student organizations to practice an entrepreneurship approach in solving problems. In other words, student organizations should learn how to be financially independent rather than relying solely on the governing body. On the other hand, our student organizations shared views on effective promotion of events and activities. Such example includes effective mass communication to students and also promoting freedom to students to participate in desirable events. These ideas will certainly be useful to both parties in the near future.

A relaxing and fruitful end

Contrary to the seriousness above, both parties enjoyed the session especially the one to one session at the end. Photos were taken and waves of laughter could be heard all around. It was more of a relaxing session as they reached the two-hour mark. The Perlis students left for the Miri wet market to purchase local ingredients not available in West Malaysia. After indulging in our signature Sarawak Laksa and Mee Kolok, they left with a heavy but satisfied heart that their journey to different universities across Sarawak, Sabah and Brunei has finally come to a fruitful end. We would like to wish them all the best in their future endeavors. See you guys in Perlis when we visit!

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