Event Sponsorship Request Form

Office Bearer: Treasurer and Activities Sub Council

Event Sponsorship Request Form: Event-Sponsorship-Request-Form-2022

Event Sponsorship Letter Template: Sponsorship Letter Template 2022 

1) Fill in the Event Sponsorship Request Form.

2) Send a (1) softcopy of Event Sponsorship Request Form, Sponsorship Letter (Template provided) and Event Proposal to treasurer.sc@curtin.edu.my.

3) Response will be sent to you within fourteen (14) working days.

Terms and Conditions:

1.        A (1) softcopy of the event sponsorship request form and the event proposal is required to be sent to treasurer.sc@curtin.edu.my.

2.        The requestor will receive a response by SC treasurer via email within fourteen (14) working days after submission. 

3.        Requests should be made at least two weeks before the event. Late requests will not be entertained.

4.        The approved sponsorship amount will be decided upon the discussion with the Student Activities Committee.

5.        60% of the approved sponsorship amount will be released after the approval. The remaining 40% of the approved sponsorship amount will only be released after the successful submission of the Post Event Report.

6.        Evidence must be included in the Post Event Report to receive the remaining 40% of the sponsorship.

7.        All sponsored funds must be refunded to the Student Council in 7 days after the sponsored event is cancelled. If the clubs refuse to refund the amount, they will not receive any club subsidy for the next semester.

8.        Certificate must be given to Student Council for sponsored events.

9.        Posters of sponsored events must include the logo of Student Council.

10.     The Student Council reserves all rights to approve or reject this subsidy request at their own discretion.

11.      Any further enquiries, please contact the vice treasurer of student council 2022, Sharon Liuk Suk Rong (+6010-228 0530)