Event Sponsorship Request Form

Office Bearer: Treasurer and Student Activity Committee

Event Sponsorship Request Form: 

Event Sponsorship Letter Template:

1) Fill in the Event Sponsorship Request Form.

2) Submit a (1) hardcopy of the form to Student Council office or drop it at the pigeon hole at LT Foyer.

3) Send a (1) softcopy of Event Sponsorship Request Form and Event Proposal to treasurer.sc@curtin.edu.my and carbon copy to vicetreasurer.sc@curtin.edu.my.

4) Response will be sent to you within fourteen (14) working days.

Terms and Conditions:

1) Requests should be made at least two (2) weeks before the event.

2) Any late submissions (within two weeks prior to event) will be immediately rejected.

3) The approved sponsorship amount will be decided by the Student Activity Committee.

4) Student Activity Committee reserves all rights to approve or reject this sponsorship request at their discretion.

5) 50% of the approved sponsorship amount will be released after the approval. The remaining 50% of the approved sponsorship amount will only be released after the successful submission of the Post Event Report.

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